1001 Nights

A visit to the new world of the Taunus Therme is a profound experience that touches the heart and soul and transmits a feeling that you have seldom or never experienced in such beauty and sustainability.
You will be taken in with open arms into our affectionately designed Orient-inspired setting. Everything is different. Everything is more beautiful. You probably have seldom or never been surrounded by such a spectacle as a spa visitor.
Valuable ceramic works with paintings, temple pillars, portals, golden roofs, affectionately designed colourfully lit windows. Here, you can be taken care of safely. Here, you can feel comfortable as a spa visitor. A world of colour and light. Here, you can encounter your soul and yourself.
1001 NIGHTS is a paradisiac world that can touch deeply, give you something beautiful, simply give and pour out onto us. 1001 NIGHTS takes you in and lets you be who you are.
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