Hammam Paradise

The HAMMAM Paradise is a small world that can touch deeply, give you something beautiful, without hidden agendas, without an aftertaste, simply gives and pours out onto us.

The HAMMAM Paradise is a world of colour and light. Here, you can encounter your soul and yourself.
So that you as a human being can open up and let yourself fall this far, the HAMMAM Paradise gives you an environment that is able to open you psychovegetatively, unlock you, as well as bring your deep interior to the outside and “let you be entirely you”. Just as you may have always wished for. Here, you can be. Here, you can arrive.
All areas of the HAMMAM Paradise were newly developed due to an intensive involvement with the teachings of the Indian Vastu. Vastu – some people say this could be the “Indian feng shui” – is probably the oldest building and architectural standard in dealing with the cosmic energies of the world.
Energy, paying attention to its effect and consequences, recognizing and successfully realising its possible applications, was a foundation in planning and constructing the new orientally influenced world in the Taunus Therme.

Not only the division of the HAMMAM Paradise and the location of the individual areas, but also all colours and colour energies were subtly and energetically attuned to the energies of the rooms and spaces.

The HAMMAM Paradise takes you in and lets you be who you are.
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