Under the royal blue hemispheric starry sky stands the Himalaya Temple, powerful in its graceful display. The interior walls are built of large red salt stone from the Himalayas and also backlit.

At 50˚C salty air in an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere, you can have a further experience here that touches the heart and soul – your senses can unfold.

A singing bowl ceremony takes place in the Himalaya Temple daily at 11:15 and 19:15.


The arcs of the Maharaja Temple represent the element of earth with their artistic ceramics. They are fully handcrafted and painted in pastel colours and with real gold. Here, you can sit on a heated bench and enjoy the view of the dream world from 1001 Nights.

The element of water is represented in a complete way with a wall fountain modelled in the shape of a peacock. With its unusual beauty, the peacock livens the dreamy setting of the Maharajas. It is a symbol of the paradise and eternal youth.


Enjoy the hot air in the red and gold Hot-Air Temple in SERAIL style from the Ottoman culture.

Just as an oriental castle from the time of the sultans, the Hot-Air Bath SERAIL enchants with its grandiose features and elegant colours.


Relax in the emerald and gold Vapour Temple in ARABIAN style. The beauty of oriental culture has been recreated in all details of the Vapour Temple ARABIA.

Noble ceramics will remind you of the palaces of the fairy-tales of 1001 Nights.
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