The path through 15 oases


The path in the Hammam Paradise is an enjoyable trail through the Orient and 1001 Nights. It creates space for the soul and emits a piece of inner freedom linked with wellbeing and “a feeling of being carried”. Spa treatments for guests who love everything tender yet effective. Let yourself be coddled gently, tenderly, and carefully.

You, as a spa visitor, can simply drop everything and follow the course. Don’t think, don’t keep an eye on anything, simply follow the predetermined trail. This is a beautiful path to your own soul and to yourself.



On the trail through the 15 oases, your circulation and the immune system undergo a strengthening. This is achieved by steadily increasing your body temperature throughout the courses 1-9 and a slow cooling down by decreasing pool temperatures in courses 10-14. At the end of the course, the Relax Area with 1001 Nights flair can provide additional relaxing moments.


Please take care of yourself affectionately.

Cordially yours, Werner Wicker.