15 Relaxing


   Relaxing in the HAMMAM PARADISE

The Hot Stone is the atmospheric centre of the Hammam Paradise and a pure Relax Centre. Here, you can relax on heated lying surfaces made of finest Portuguese marble surfaces. The backlight underlines the pink colour of the marble.

Centrum Hot Stone

Each lying surface can be rinsed before use by activating a foot valve.

The blue dome starry sky transmits an utterly pleasant atmosphere and the walls in the Hot Stone Centre are decorated with beautiful red gemel windows that invite you to drift away into faraway worlds with their designed and backlit glazing. In the middle of each gemel window, there is a hand-painted white ceramic pillar.

In front of the heated sitting and lying benches, which are covered with pink mosaic, you get a view of the golden fountain in the Hot Stone Centre.

With both fitted fountain basins, the golden fountain as the centre of the Hot Stone Centre is an inspiration to discover the gentle sides of one’s own soul and let the vital energy flow freely.