7 + 8 Vapour bath


  After the shower, you can enjoy relaxing on a colourful bench in the Hammam vapour bath at 44˚C. For hundreds of years, the relaxing effect has been utilised for the body and mind through supplying warm vapours. The humid climate and the warmth of the Hammam vapour bath opens the skin’s pores, clears the respiratory tracts, relaxes muscles, and gently trains the cardiovascular system.

HAMMAM  VAPOUR  BATH  Through a connecting door in the glass wall between both Hammam vapour baths, you get to the Hammam vapour bath 48˚C. Here, you can open up to even more relaxing warmth. This vapour bath, too, has its own shower and water hoses for cooling off.

Salt peeling in the vapour bath

Session: approx. 10 minutes

The first 4-5 minutes are intended to start the perspiration process in order to open up the skin’s pores. A thin layer of sweat forms on the body. Rub the entire body with salt (leave out face, open wounds, and genital area).

The minerals in the salt stimulate metabolism. Through the warmth in the vapour bath, the salt quickly dissolves and can thus be absorbed easily by the skin. After the salt peeling in the vapour bath, you should go out into fresh air and then shower off the salt in lukewarm and then cold water.


The fine-grain sauna salt from Bad Reichenhall creates a natural regeneration of the skin with its tender peeling effect and the basic minerals. Rubbing in the salt promotes circulation of the skin; old skin cells are removed. The minerals in the salt stimulate metabolism.

Salt peeling daily for self-service: 10:45, 13:45, 17:30, 21:00