We guarantee accessibility in accordance with DIN 18024 for wheelchair users and physically disabled people under the following conditions:


When accessing the parking lot, which must be closed for entry at 18:00, there is a sign notifying connection to the sales desk of the Taunus Therme via a call button. Then, the barrier can be opened in order to provide access for people with disabilities.

There are 6 special disabled parking spaces that are subject to the general traffic regulations, so that the public order office regularly ensures that these spaces are only used by disabled people with respective identification: “blue ID with wheelchair symbol”. Additional explanation: You receive this identification through the appropriate traffic authority. Under certain conditions, it is possible to obtain this ID for a limited period of time. Generally, this regards people with a certificate of severe disability with the aG and additional assistance. For questions, please contact your appropriate traffic authority.

The disabled person can now drive to the automatic entrance doors with the wheelchair, avoiding steps. In addition to the list of prices in front of the entrance, there is a notice that a stair lift is available for use of the sauna area.

Instead of passing through the turnstiles, disabled people drive through an extra wide door at the sales desk.

Without steps, the wheelchair user directly accesses a special changing room. Here, four extra wide lockers are available. A disabled shower, a special toilet facility, and a washbasin are also located here. For safety, additional crutches and an in-house wheelchair are available here. The guest may, however, also use his or her own wheelchair upon appropriate disinfection.

The thermal area is usable without steps. Towel shelves can be reached from the wheelchair.

Guests who are unable to move alone in the thermal pools can, upon request, be lifted into the pool on a chair with a lifting device. The staff can help you with this. The lifting device is available for both indoor pools. It is subject to routine controls to ensure safety.

Wheelchair users can access the sauna area with the help of staff and a stair lift. Use of the individual saunas is not possible with a wheelchair.

In order to reach the restaurant, the wheelchair user must drive in a curve. If he or she wishes, however, he or she can be served by the gastronomy staff.

Since the wellbeing of our guests is very important to us, severely disabled people in wheelchairs can bring a carer free of charge.


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