House rules




For your personal wellbeing and in consideration of the need for recovery and rest of all guests:


It is expected of every guest that he or she pay attention to the entitled wish of all guests for relaxation, organization, and cleanliness.


So that you can recover, please make sure that you do not impede on the need for rest of other guests.


Please only use the entire bathing and sauna area barefoot or with bathing shoes.


Parents carry responsibility of supervision for children under 16 years during the entire visit.


Please be considerate of all other spa visitors – please do not reserve loungers.


We recommend using a locker free of charge to store your valuables.


The Sauna World, the Hammam Paradise, and the 1001 Nights Relax Area are nude-bathing areas. Please take off clothing when entering.


Please read the sauna rules attached to each sauna.


Please immediately contact our staff if you lose your chip coin. A processing fee will be due in addition to incurred services.


Your wishes, observations, and questions are suggestions for improvement to us.


We want you to feel comfortable and return at any time.



Your team from the Taunus Therme Bad Homburg 

September 2010


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