Sauna rules




For your personal wellbeing:


- Do not enter the sauna when hungry, thirsty, or with a full stomach. So that you can enjoy the sauna without disturbances, please first visit the lavatory. Then take a shower to rinse off. 

Dry off well because dry skin sweats faster.

A warm footbath before the sauna also eases sweating.

Enter the sauna room nude. In the sauna, place your towel under the entire body. The stay should be short, but the effect intensive. Therefore, sweat on the middle or top bench. But no longer than 15 minutes. Trust your feeling!

In a lying position, you can sense the warmth pleasantly and evenly. However, you should sit for the last 2 minutes so that the circulation gets used to the upright position and the blood does not rush into the legs at once.

Exit the sauna into the fresh air. Your body now needs oxygen. Walk around lightly in order to get your circulation going through the vein pump. The air cools your lungs and supports oxygen intake.

Rinsing with the Kneipp hose is the gentlest way of cooling off. The waterfall shower also cools the body well.

Before using the cold-water diving basin, you must rinse off the sweat. People with high blood pressure should avoid the diving basin.

After cooling off, a warm footbath brings a feeling of warmth all the way to the head.

A rest period to follow this is pleasant and also promotes recovery.


Then proceed to another sauna as done in the first one.

More than three saunas do not increase the health effect of the sauna.

When sweating in the sauna, your body loses about 1.5 litres of water and important minerals. Therefore, drink mineral water or fruity carbonated water after the sauna in order to balance this loss.



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