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Under the product brand „Quelle der Erholung“ (fountain of relaxation), we offer valuable products for relaxation and wellbeing to our guests.

Indulge at home, too, and grant yourself daily space for relaxation and regeneration.

You get the products in the Taunus Therme at the reception counter or at the online store at:


“Relaxation, calm, and equilibrium become more and more important in order to preserve health and performance.”

Our elaborately produced CDs can help you increase your wellbeing and strengthen your health.
Our relaxation and wellness music as well as our music for deep suggestion are scientifically established, effective possibilities for noticeably promoting your physical and spiritual regeneration.
The team of the Taunus Therme wishes you much happiness, good relaxation, and a lot of success with the use of your personal wellness programme.

muscle relaxation
according to Jacobson

The Progressive Muscle according to Dr Edmund Jacobson is among the most well known relaxation procedures.

Grant yourself 30 minutes to preserve your health and performance without much effort and no side effects. Experience every muscle fibre of your body and enjoy the wonderful feeling of holistic relaxation.

Asian Spirit

Relaxation music

These wellness compositions combine western relaxation music with Far East flair in a unique way. Exotic sounds of Asian flutes and string instruments, varied percussion, as well as graceful, familiar melodies are harmonically interwoven together in creative arrangements.

Let yourself be spoiled by the enchanting atmosphere of this high-quality wellness music and grant yourself daily space for relaxation and regeneration.

Healthy sleep

Deep suggestion

Night after night, millions of people toss restlessly in their beds and feel tired and shattered, sullen and irritable the next morning.

With the help of relaxing words and calming sounds of the “deep suggestion”, you will soon rediscover something valuable: your healthy sleep.

Working off stress

Deep suggestion

Stress – a burden for the body and soul. It often not only leads to inner unrest, irritability, and nervousness but also to physical disorders.

Deep suggestion has a surprisingly calming and relaxing effect. This way, it is much easier to master your daily tasks calmly, tackle your problems in a targeted and brave way, and increase your performance.

Available starting at September 2014.

Gently nurturing cosmetic products with anti-ageing effect. This is the new cosmetics line of the Taunus Thermal Baths.

A plethora of selected, ideally matched ingredients creates the effect of our line: It provides gentle moisture, acts regeneratively, gives protection against free radicals, and leaves you with silky-soft skin. The mild ingredients of these cosmetics make the product suitable even for sensitive skin.

The main active substance of our new cosmetics line is the Asian white tea (Camellia sinensis). Only the very young buds and sprouts of the white tea are used for the manufacture of our cosmetics. This guarantees a higher concentration of valuable ingredients.

With polyphenols, flavonoids, and caffeine as well as vitamins A, B, C, E, white tea contains important bioactive ingredients that can counteract premature skin ageing.

Free radicals can thus be intercepted so that the circulation will be enhanced. The moisturising properties of white tea ensure smooth skin. Additionally, its ingredients function as natural UV filters for intense impact of sunlight.

In sum, out of 21 tested botanical extracts (Kingston University, London), white tea contains by far the highest concentration of anti-inflammatory substances that counteract skin ageing.

Camellia sinensis - the tea plant

Face cream

Over a period of 24 hours, this cream has a moisturising anti-ageing effect. Ingredients that are perfectly attuned to each other create the effect of our face cream: It gives gentle moisture, acts regeneratively, builds a barrier against free radicals, and leaves you with silky-soft skin.

Thanks to mild ingredients such as white tea, aloe vera, cranberry extract (vitamin C), and valuable plant oils, even sensitive skin is optimally cared for with our cream.

Without mineral oils, parabens, and PEGs – Made in Germany.

Facial toner 

The refreshing tonic with mild fruit acid promotes natural exfoliation, which improves penetration of the skin with active substances. The result is a clear, well-structured complexion.

The tonic supports the natural acid mantle of the skin; just the ingredient that white tea can provide the anti-ageing effect in our facial toner.

Furthermore, a mild concentration of the fruit acids of the tonic provides a high level of general tolerance.  

Without mineral oils, parabens, and PEGs – Made in Germany.

Eye gel

White tea and algae extract are the special ingredients of our gel developed specially for the eye area. The cooling gel can effectively alleviate dark circles and revitalises tired eyes.

The delicate eye area receives protection against free radicals and is remineralised. Mimic wrinkles can be diminished and skin contours are lifted.

The calming allantoin works on the regeneration of the skin; jojoba extract provides the supply of moisture.

Without mineral oils, parabens, and PEGs – Made in Germany.

Body lotion

The basis of our fragrant body emulsion is valuable almond oil, which transports the active ingredient complex made of white tea and aloe vera for full body care.

The body completely absorbs the rich consistency of the body emulsion surprisingly rapidly. Thus, our body lotion is the ideal partner for your skin in order to rebuild the moisture balance.

If used regularly, the skin appears considerably smoother and cellulite is lessened. Additionally, the risk of stretch marks can be reduced.

Without mineral oils, parabens, and PEGs – Made in Germany.

Hand  cream

The most distinguished characteristic of our exclusive hand cream is that is does not leave a greasy film. And it does this even though your hands are regenerated and your skin is tightened with white tea, highly effective microsilver, and natural jojoba oil.

Your hands profit from the antibacterial properties of the silver and the natural sun protection factor of the jojoba oil: They become delicately protected as well as nourished and smoothed.

Without mineral oils, parabens, and PEGs – Made in Germany.

Shower gel 

What the appearance of our golden-orange clear shower gel promises, the application fulfils: Gentle cleansing and care give your skin its daily sense of wellbeing.  

Just as in our entire cosmetics line, the ingredient white tea also provides lasting moisture for a delicately nurtured body from the shower gel.  

The ideal foundation, in combination with our body lotion, to pamper your skin even more intensively with smooth tightness.  

Without mineral oils, parabens, and PEGs – Made in Germany.

Aftershave lotion

As a rich fluid, our aftershave lotion was developed specially to care for the male facial skin irritated by shaving.

In addition to increasing the moisture balance of the skin, the skin is calmed and regeneration is stimulated with bisabolol, panthenol, and sorbitol.

Minerals and urea provide a relaxed skin feel; lifting through hyaluronic acid prevents formation of the first wrinkles in the delicate facial area.

Without mineral oils, parabens, and PEGs – Made in Germany.

Shower gel Hair & Body

Our shower gel was also specially designed for the demands of male skin.

The astringent properties refine the full body complexion: The result is a soft and nurtured skin that emits an attractive male scent.

Without mineral oils, parabens, and PEGs – Made in Germany.

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