Sauna World

Feel the healing power of warmth. It does the body good and makes the spirit melt.

In the Sauna World of the Taunus Therme, your saunas are in original Finnish log cabin saunas. These saunas have a unique design principle based on an uncommon Finnish sauna philosophy.

Four Finnish experts put all their creativity into these log cabin saunas, which are located in a charming, faithful replica of the Finnish sauna area of our thermal baths.
Building in a health enhancing way is an art that not everyone can master. For in a sauna area, it often comes down to the smallest details. Wood is not just wood, an oven is not just an oven. Both must be precisely attuned in order to create a breathing and skin-friendly warmth.

In our Finnish sauna, a climate is created that enables easier, more pleasant, and faster sweating.

The even and well-dosed strain on circulation in the sauna area of the Taunus Therme creates the conditions for an improved physique.  
The sauna houses in the sauna area are made from handcrafted Finnish pine logs. There is no artificial ventilation. This way, the Finnish logs guarantee constant exchange of the inside and outside air. The saunas can breathe and the wood emits a soothing smell. Discover and experience this original Finnish sauna fascination in the Sauna World of the Taunus Therme.

The 860 m2 Sauna Paradise Garden with a beautiful relaxation area, a view of a Japanese garden, and a colourfully lit water wall, the Sun Bar and the new Sauna Nature Garden with its resting places on 1000 m2 invite you to relax.

Everything is wonderfully open and free – and that is how you, too, will feel here.  
Sauna World – for ladies only

In addition to the log cabin saunas with health-promoting infusions, there is a special small Taunus Therme Sauna World in our sauna area just for women. Even though the appeal of the large, mixed Sauna World in the thermal bath can hardly be surpassed, the ladies’ sauna simply has a special atmosphere.

The Taunus Therme ladies’ sauna offers two saunas at different temperatures. A smaller sauna courtyard and a comfortable relaxation room create an intimate character.

Of course, the women in the sauna area of the Taunus Therme have their own diving basin as an additional enjoyment after the sauna. During the summer, on the connected roof garden – for ladies only – you can also enjoy some time in the sun out in the open.


    1 Gemstone sauna ca. 65-75 °C

    2 Bio Sauna ca. 65-75 °C

    3 Yin and Yang Sauna ca. 95-105 °C

    4 Crystal sauna ca. 95-105 °C

    5 Aroma sauna ca. 95-105 °C

    6 Vital sauna ca. 85-95 d°C

    7 Meditation sauna ca. 60-70 °C

    8 Venus sauna ca. 85-95 °C
       Women's sauna

    9 Mental sauna ca. 85-95 °C
       Women's sauna

  10 Herbal sauna ca.75-85 °C

  11 Feng shui sauna 95-105 °C


Sound infusion in the Feng Shui Sauna

Simple breathing exercises with the drawn-out sounds of the singing bowls lead to a soothing relaxation in a short time.  
The vibrations of the sounds are taken in by the entire body, which is additionally sensitised by the warmth.  
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