Thermal bath


Exiting the showers and entering into the adventurous world of the Taunus Therme, the eye is at once fascinated by the unique waterscape. At temperatures between 30 and 36˚C, you enjoy the heeling effect of the thermal water.

In the round pools, which are gracefully matched to natural beach scenes, you will find numerous massage nozzles, special sitting and lying bays, in addition to waterfalls, islands, and bridges.

Through a canal, you can swim or drift from the large indoor pool to the outdoor pool. Small, dreamy islands are connected by Japanese bridges that rise out of the waterscape in a sweeping architectural style.

Nestled in the midst of the spa gardens, the spacious outdoor area of the Taunus Therme offers rest that lets you retrieve your inner balance and invites you to unwind.

In addition to the numerous massage whirls in the special sitting and lying bays in the outdoor and indoor areas and the massage waterfalls, you have access to the therapeutic pool attached to the indoor area with its massage options outside of therapy hours.

Our Hot Whirlpools provide a special experience. Nestled in a stony setting, the Jacuzzi bath has a refreshing effect on the entire body.

The large Weinsberger infrared lamp area in the Taunus Therme enhances wellbeing and is available for our guests daily and free of charge.

The infrared radiation floods the room and thus – unlike an oven – not only heats the air but also the objects that it reaches. Once it reaches the skin, the skin locally warms up; blood circulation and the lymphatic system provide additional distribution of the warmth inside the body. The elasticity of the vessels and lymphatics is increased. You experience a feeling of comforting warmth and deep relaxation.

For spa visitors who want to have a relaxed sauna in swimwear, two non-nude saunas are located on the ground floor.


The thermal water of the Viktoria Louise Spring comes out of the ground at a temperature of 22.4˚C and is further heated to 34.5˚C for the Taunus Therme.

The delivery of water is 96 i/min and the pH-value is 6.0.

Our water analysis at a glance:
Cations                           mg/l

Sodium (Na)                1.060,0
Potassium (K)                   42,3
Ammonium (NH4)             2,2
Magnesium (Mg)               54,4
Calcium (Ca)                    319,0
Manganese (Mn)                 0,23
Iron (Fe)                              3,3

Anions                              mg/l

Chloride (Cl)                  1.710,0
Nitrate (NO3)                      n.n.
Sulphate (SO4)                    11,0
Hydrogen phosphate (HPO4)
Bicarbonate (HCO3)       1.168,0
Silicic acid   (H2SiO3)          18,1
Carbon diovide (Co2)    1.650,0

rheumatic diseases 

Sample from 2007
n.t. = not traceable 
Enjoy our therapeutic treatments with our qualified and friendly expert staff. Water aerobics are specially adjusted to your needs in thermal water of 34.5˚C, which strengthens your muscles.

Train your body and feel healthy.
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