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The Taunus Therme in Bad Homburg is a health and recuperation bath with many options for relaxing and recovering. For your first visit, we would like to give a few pieces of advice to help you find your way around quickly.
Directly behind the entrance door, you will find our automated pay station. Here, you can buy your pass using cash, debit card, or credit card. You will receive a chip coin  on which your admission ticket is saved. You can purchase stored-value cards and further admission tickets at our sales desk with personal guidance.
After entering the bath through the turnstile,   you will change in the changing rooms and lock your clothing, etc. in an empty locker. To do so, you will need the chip coin  that you then fasten to your wrist with a bracelet. 
Bracelets can be found on an empty locker either on the ground floor (red) or the first floor (green). The lockers for sauna guests are on the second floor.
 Pay station
 Chip coin
Chip coin turnstile
 Chip coin locker
Perhaps you first want to visit the Thermal Bath. At temperatures between 30 and 36˚C, you will enjoy the heeling effect of the thermal water.

Here, you will find numerous massage nozzles, special sitting and lying bays, in addition to waterfalls, islands, and bridges.

Indoor pool
Through a canal, you can swim from the large indoor pool to the outdoor pool.

Outdoor pool

Please shower before entering the Thermal Bath. 
Please only use the Thermal Bath with swimwear.

Situated next to the large indoor pool, there are two non-nude saunas, which you can use wearing swimwear.

Non-nude sauna
In the bathing area, too, we will spoil you with a large array of drinks, fresh salads, and cold and warm dishes.

You can sit on heated tile benches and enjoy your freshly prepared food and drinks.

Restaurant in the Thermal Bath
All costs for your ordered food and drinks are charged to your chip coin and paid at the automated pay station before you pass through the turnstile at the end of your visit.  
The Sauna World is located in the nudist area of the Taunus Therme.

You can find 11 saunas, a cold-water pool, and a thermal pool for swimming in the sauna area.

Sauna World
Of course the Taunus Therme also has a special small Sauna World just for women. The 860 m2 Sauna Paradise Garden, the Sun Bar, and the Sauna Nature Garden with its resting places on 1000 m2 invite you to relax.

Nature Garden
Please enter the Sauna World nude.

In the sauna, place your towel under your entire body. If you prefer sitting, you will need a second towel for your feet.

The spa treatment in the Hamam Paradise is a path through 15 oases, during which your circulation and immune system undergo a strengthening.

HAMAM Paradise
Come and relax at our Relax and Temple Worlds after your spa treatment.

Relax and Temple Worlds
Please enter the Hamam Paradise and the Relax and Temple Worlds nude.

You can find our automated pay station at the exit before passing through the turnstile. You can pay any extra fees and charges here. 

We hope you enjoy your stay at the Taunus Therme and leave fully relaxed.

 Automated pay station
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